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Cheap and Convenient Fax Services in Roseburg, OR

Receive and Send Faxes From One of Our Shops in Roseburg, OR.

The Best Fax Service Near You

Faxing might seem like an ancient office practice by now since it’s been replaced by more modern technologies like email and text messaging.

You probably find yourself surprised every time someone asks to fax something over to you.

However, some companies still require you to interact with them by fax.

But it’s not worth investing in a fax machine just to use it once in a while.

It’s way more convenient to head to one of our print shops to use our fax machines.

We have convenient and cheap fax services. Come and see for yourself!

Easy Print and Fax Services Near Me

Goin’ Postal is the #1 fax, copy, and print shop in Roseburg, OR. We’re your best choice for sending and receiving a fax. You can use our fax services to transmit any of these documents and more.



Official documents


Professional and Friendly Service

If you’re looking for a fax shop that provides you with the best professional and friendly service, look no further. We’re known for our team’s friendly and professional approach. Even if you’re coming to us to receive a single-page document, we’ll treat you like a VIP client.

Our team is knowledgeable, helpful, and ready to assist you with all your faxing needs.

Easy Print and Fax Services Near Me

Want to send and receive faxes at a bargain price?

We’ll handle all of your faxing needs at a flat rate of $1/page. Our aim was to provide you with the most convenient way to send and receive faxes, all a fair price. Visit us at one of our stores and you’ll be delighted by how cheap and easy faxing can be.

How it Works

Step 1: Find Your Nearest Store or Email Us

We are located on Garden Valley Blvd and on Carnes Rd in Roseburg. You can visit either one of our shops to send and receive faxes in person. You can also email us and pay with a credit card if you want to fax a file from your computer.

Step 2: Send/Receive Your Fax

If you’re coming to send a fax, bring your documents with you. Don’t forget to put your documents in a protective sleeve so that they don’t get damaged on your way. We can also fax PDF files and Word documents.

Step 3: Fast, Convenient Service

In a hurry to receive a fax? Give the fax number for your closest Goin’ Postal to the sender before you come in and call ahead to ask if it's been received. One of our assistants will help you get your documents once you get to our store or we can email them to you.

Conveniently Located

Goin’ Postal is right here in Green, Oregon with a friendly staff and all of the shipping and business services you need.

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Phone: (541) 679-5711
Fax: (541) 679-5163

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