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Cardboard Boxes and Packing Supplies for Shipping and Moving

We Have What You Need to Get Your Packages On Their Way

Do you live in or near Roseburg, Oregon, and need supplies for shipping, moving, or other forms of transport? If so, we have what you need at our Green and Garden Valley Shopping Center outlets.

Goin’ Postal is a one-stop-shop with a wide variety of mailing and business services people often need but can’t always find.

Packing, Shipping, Moving, and Transport

Are you trying to transport an item from one place to another? If you’re not carrying it in your arms with loving care, you’re risking breakage or other damage.

Shippers and movers want to handle everyone’s belongings as gently as possible. But with so many cardboard boxes and other items, it can be hard to manage. Things always seem to break.

That’s why you need to know how to pack a box using the appropriate packing supplies.

You especially need to know how to pack fragile items. Have you tried biodegradable packing peanuts or other shock-absorbing materials?

And make sure that the packing fully surrounds your items so they can’t wiggle and jiggle, even in custom-size boxes.

Our Packing Services

Do you know that we stock more than 40 different box sizes?

That’s a pretty extensive range.

It’s fair to say that we have a box for anything you need to ship. Plus, we sell packing tape, large envelopes, bubble wrap, packing peanuts, and moving supplies.

If you are moving or have an oddly shaped item to ship, we can make custom shipping boxes tailored to fit whatever you need to ship. Yes, we know a thing or two about how to pack moving boxes, no matter what oddities they will transport. So if you’ve been wondering, “where can I find packing supplies near me?”, maybe it’s time for you to visit Goin’ Postal!

Don't like to pack, no matter what?

We've got you covered with our convenient and inexpensive packaging services.

What Our Customers Have Been Saying

Let us take care of your shipping needs

Based on our customers’ feedback, kindness and courtesy really do pay off when you run a local business. But we’ve known that all along. Sometimes we hear it from our satisfied clientele. Other times, we learn it from the fine example set by our loyal and trusted employees. If you haven’t been to one of our stores, we hope you’ll come by soon.

People say we have a rather eclectic mix of products and services. It’s true, we have the services that people always need but never seem to be easily accessible. What can we say? We’re happy to see our customers smile when we help solve their everyday dilemmas.

Conveniently Located

Goin’ Postal is right here in Green, Oregon with a friendly staff and all of the shipping and business services you need.

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