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Private Mailbox Rental Services in Roseburg, OR

Rent a Private Mailbox with Us to Securely and Discreetly Receive Mail and Packages.

A More Professional Look with Our Mailbox Services

Do you know why business owners are changing from PO Boxes to Private Mailboxes?

One of the biggest advantages is that your mailbox will have a real street address.
This makes your business look a little more professional.

Give your business a more professional look with a convenient private mailbox.


Real Street Address

Our mailbox services provide you with a real street address. The address will be at a secure location in one of our stores. Your customers will immediately find your business more trustworthy when they see your address.


Receive Packages

The biggest advantage of our mailbox rental service is that you can receive packages as well as postal mail. One of our shop assistants will receive the package on your behalf, sign for it, and store it safely for you.


We’ll Save You the Trip

Never waste a journey coming to check an empty mailbox. Give us a call any time you want to know if you’ve received mail or packages.


Professional and Friendly Service

If you’re looking for a private mailbox rental that provides you with the most professional and friendly service, look no further. We treat all of our customers like VIPs.

Our team is on hand to answer any of your questions.

How It Works

Start receiving your post at our private mailboxes right away. Getting started is easy!

Step 1: Call Your Nearest Store

Call our mailbox rental shop to check availability before you visit us.

Step 2: Arrange Your Private Mailbox Rental

When you’re in a store, ask to rent one of our private mailboxes. The team will assist you with signing up for the mailbox rental. We’ll need to see your ID to confirm your identity and get you all set up.

Step 3: Change Your Address

After you sign up, make sure to update your new address with your anyone you’d like to use it. You can also set up mail forwarding.

Step 4: Receive Mail and Packages

From now on, your mail and packages will be delivered to your new private mailbox. You can also call to check if you have any mail waiting for you.

It’s Easy to Receive Mail and Packages With Our Private Mailbox Rental Service

Conveniently Located

Goin’ Postal is right here in Green, Oregon with a friendly staff and all of the shipping and business services you need.

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