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7 Tips for Shipping Your Gift Returns

Ever had to return an unwanted holiday gift? You’re not alone. UPS reports that the number of returned gifts they processed this past year grew by 23%!

There are many reasons you may want or need to return a gift. However, shipping gift returns back may be more complicated than you imagine. Especially because different vendors have different policies and rules!

Ready to take the stress out of returning gifts? Keep reading to discover our top tips for returning presents!

1. Check the Return Details

All of these tips are important, but the most important tip regarding gift returns is this: check the vendor’s policies online concerning gift returns to the vendor. This gives you most of the basic info you need to know.

For example, you may discover that you can’t return some gifts, and some stores offer only in-store credit instead of allowing you to get a cash refund.

The details should state whether you can mail the item back from home or if you need to find a trustworthy local shipper. If the company has a nearby store, you may want to check if you can return online purchases to the store for in-person refunds.

It’s always important to also check whether you can return something if it has already been opened or used. Finally, make sure you know what the exact return window is. Sometimes, this window begins from the point of purchase, but it’s more likely from when the item was delivered.

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2. Some Return Windows Are Shorter Than Others

Another reason you need to check return details is quite simple. In some cases, certain return windows are shorter than others!

For example, the standard for Amazon and many other vendors is that you have 30 days from the point of delivery to return an item. Sometimes, these sellers may extend that return window during the holiday season.

However, some sellers have a far shorter window. This includes Apple, which requires you to return an item within 14 days. Assuming you have 30 days for every seller may leave you stuck with unwanted gifts this return season.

Returning a gift from Amazon? Check out our guide on how to print Amazon return labels for Goin’ Postal.

3. Gift Returns: First-Party vs. Third-Party Sellers

It’s an open secret that many shoppers use Amazon to purchase gifts. After all, shoppers can buy items without leaving the couch and then have them delivered directly to the recipient.

However, it’s important to note that Amazon sells some items themselves and sells other items through third parties. When a gift comes from a third party, different rules may apply to the gift returns.

In other words, Amazon the company may give you a 30-day return window for products they have sold out of their own inventory. But if the item came from a third-party seller outside of Amazon Prime, you may be at the mercy of that seller’s policy on shipping returns!

4. Document Those Defects

Sometimes, the best tips for returning presents depend on the reason you are returning them. For example, do you wish to return an item because of damage or a defect?

In that case, taking photos and documenting your issue with the product is essential. If needed, you’ll have the evidence necessary to prove why you are returning it.

Even if you’re just returning an unwanted gift, the photographic proof could turn out to be incredibly valuable if there’s a dispute.

Illustration: Documenting item defects before shipping

5. Always Keep the Original Packaging

How do you plan to return or exchange that unwanted gift? Here’s a simple tip: always keep the original packaging whenever possible!

In some cases, sellers will only accept gift returns if you still have the original packaging. So holding onto the packaging can make all the difference in whether or not you even have the option to return the item in the first place.

When we say to hold onto the packaging, ensure you don’t overlook anything. For instance, make sure you hold onto any wrapping and shipping inserts that came with your package. Holding onto all of the original packagings can help you easily process your gift returns.

It’s also essential to hold onto things like gift receipts and return shipping labels.

6. Start Those Returns Sooner Rather Than Later

Here’s another very simple tip. Most people realize they want to return a gift as soon as they receive it. Once you have this realization, you should start the return process sooner rather than later.

The quicker you start the return, the likelier the seller will accept the item back. This is especially important because you don’t know when the gift was originally delivered to the gift giver. If you wait until 30 days after you receive the gift, it may be too late to return it!

The sooner you return an item, the easier it will be to return it in an unused condition. And in case you run into any unwanted shipping delays, starting the process earlier helps ensure the item gets returned on time.

7. Find a Reliable Way to Ship Your Items

Unwanted shipping delays can be the scariest part of returning gifts. That’s because these delays are outside of your control. Shipping delays may mean the difference between getting cash back or getting stuck with a present you didn’t want.

That’s why you must find a local shipper that you can trust. A local shipping company will get the items back to the sellers as quickly as possible. The sooner the items are returned, the sooner you can get your money!

Also, you’ll likely end up returning more gifts in the future. Finding a reliable shipper right now can make your future returns that much easier.

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Easy Gift Returns in Roseburg, OR

Now you know our top tips for gift returns ahead of this holiday season. But do you know who you can trust when you really need to return a gift in Roseburg?

Here at Goin’ Postal, we specialize in making shipping easy for everyone in Roseburg.

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