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5 Services Print Shops Provide That You May Not Know About

Did you know that the worldwide printing industry will be valued at over $834 billion by 2026? There’s no getting around the fact that printing is a necessity. Without it, many businesses wouldn’t be able to operate efficiently. Whether you need printing services for your small business or other reasons, it’s worth knowing what print shops can do for you. Keep reading to learn all about the top 5 services print shops provide that you may not know about.

1. Make Copies

Do you have old family pictures or marketing materials that you need to print for your business? Instead of sending out the original version, you can visit your local print shop and pay a reasonable fee to make one or more copies. That way, you won’t be limited in promoting your business or risk losing a one-of-a-kind family picture.

You can rely on your print shop to make high-quality copies. They can also make photocopies of more than just pieces of paper. For instance, they can make copies of specific book pages, photographs, illustrations, and even passports.

If you’re looking for a more affordable approach, you can print copies in black and white. However, there’s also the option of printing them in full color to make your documents stand out.

Photo of a copying service, one of many services at print shops

2. Paper Lamination

You also might want to invest in protecting your documents, and paper lamination is the answer. After all, that sensitive document is only one spilled drink away from getting destroyed.

If you’ve never heard of lamination, it’s a process that involves encasing your paper between two sheets of thin plastic. This allows you to see both sides clearly while keeping the paper protected from spills, rips, and other damage.

As long as it’s flat and made of paper, then chances are you can get it laminated. For instance, recipes, illustrations, miniature posters, contracts, certificates, and more can all be easily laminated. Lamination is also a good investment if you’re traveling with important papers. While they may stay safe at home, they can sustain all kinds of damage when taken out and about.

3. Notary Services

Are you wondering what else you can do at a print shop? You might be surprised to learn that some print shops have at least one notary public on hand. It’s very common for the government to require the notarization of important documents.

For instance, car titles, wills, and deeds are all documents that might require notarization. Notarization involves a witness who can confirm the authenticity of your documents so that they hold up in court and other situations.

Are you unsure whether or not you need a particular document notarized? It’s best to call the relevant department and find out. If you still can’t get an answer, it’s often better to be safe than sorry and get the notary done if you might ever need to prove that the document is legitimate. This can save you a lot of legal trouble in the future.

4. Make Business Cards

Business cards are essential for promoting your business through networking. After all, you never know who you’re going to run into at an airport, coffee shop, or anywhere else in public. You could run into a life-changing contact at pretty much anytime, which is why you should always have a business card ready.

This is especially true when going to networking events, business trips, and other outings. Instead of going to a whole different store, you can do a simple search for your local “print shop near me” and purchase as many business cards as you need.

While you might not want more than five or so business cards in your wallet at a time, it’s a good idea to stay stocked up. Plus, it’s also much more affordable to print your business cards in larger quantities. 

If you are unsure about the overall design of your business card, there’s no reason to worry. A print shop employee can consult with you for free so that you can leave with a design that suits your needs to a tee.

5. Domestic and International Shipping

When it comes to additional print shop services, you’ll be glad to learn that you can ship items out from some locations. Going to your local print shop can be much more convenient than heading off to the USPS to send out some gifts or small business orders.

The best print shops can even offer international shipping. There’s also the option of freight shipping for much larger items such as bulky furniture. You also won’t have to worry because a print shop can provide you with all the shipping supplies you could ever need, including tape and boxes of all sizes.

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